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Executive Placements

Executive placement is a premier recruitment service that specialises in the search and placement of executive talents. With our professionalism and experience, we provide tailored solutions for leadership, senior management and even junior positions. We cover the wide array of industries.

Foreign Manpower Recruitment Services

India, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and others

Should your company require any foreign workers from India, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and others. EA has the expertise and experience in foreign manpower. We cover most industries in Singapore like BCA, PCM, Marine, Manufacturing and Services.

Contract and Temporary Staff

In the current market, businesses are required to be agile and adaptive. Tempory or Contract hiring allows businesses to minimise the hiring risks and to be flexible in managing costs. This is also a good option for projects that requires manpower on a short term basis.

Payroll Services

We are here to help should your company see the need to out-source payroll services. Benefits include reducing your payroll team’s headcount, saving cost and time, confidentiality of employees’ salaries, minimising payroll errors and many more.

HR Services

Acting as a consultant, EA would be able to enhance various processes such as improving employee relations, provide training for staff development. And even provide advice on staff benefits, compensations, employment laws and also rules and regulations.

Accounting Services

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